BotoxBOTOX Injections

Do you desire a more youthful appearance but don’t want to go to extreme measures to achieve the look?  Botox may be right for you.  Treatment with Botox can take years off your appearance by smoothing out the lines that form between your brows.  This is done by applying a few tiny injections of Botox to the affected area.  Botox works because it is a muscle relaxing agent that targets nerve endings to reduce the strain put on your skin by the underlying muscle.

All it takes is one short office visit to drastically improve the look of your entire face without drastically changing your appearance.  To find out if Botox is right for you just drop us a line or call our office today.  All of our Botox treatments are administered by a board certified physician for your safety.

BOTOX® Injections

Clearwater Aesthetic Medicine was formed to help people look and feel their best. We provide complete care, not only for skin, but also well being. We also focus on nutritional health, exercise, lifestyle, and how to maintain a healthy and vibrant life. Our programs are individualized for each of our clients to suit their best needs. All our treatments are safe and non-evasive, plus there is no down time. And most important of all, everything is physician supervised.