hCG Weight-Loss Program Overview

Normally when we put ourselves on a low calorie diet our body goes into starvation mode. The reason our body goes into starvation mode is to prevent death when there is very little food available. What it does is cause the body to store excess fat. This excess fat is used for energy to keep one alive. The purpose of hCG weight loss is to prevent our body from doing this. This is accomplished through the use of a hormone known as human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG for short. During pregnancy this hormone increases in a woman’s body to promote growth for the baby while in the womb. What hCG does is stimulate the body to burn extra fat cells for energy which in turn helps the baby mature. During our doctor-supervised hCG weight-loss program this hormone is used to prevent the body from going into starvation mode so you do not store extra fat while on a low calorie diet.

Why are some weight-loss programs unsuccessful?

With all the weight loss programs out there, it is a shame that many people have not met their goals when it comes to weight loss. This is because many diets which deal with a lower intake of calories actually cause the body to store fat which can eventually lead to obesity. The first thing that happens when an obese person tries to reduce calories improperly is they bring their calorie intake so low they actually start to get heavier. The problem is that when they first start their diet, their body begins to burn their normal reserve fat cells first. Once somebody has burned all of these it will start burning structural fat cells and these fat cells are very important for the body and they are not the type of fat cells that lead to obesity. Finally the last type of cells to burn are the abnormal fat cells, these are the cells that cause people to be obese. At this point in their diet patients may feel fatigued and hungry which many times cause them to stop their weight-loss program.

Common questions about the hCG weight-loss program

Dieting in this manner can also lead to losing fat in the wrong places such as from the face instead of the stomach area, rare end, and thighs. Another issue we are very concerned about during an improper diet program is that many people deplete their vitamin and mineral intake which can lead to malnutrition. While on our hCG weight-loss program your calorie intake is reduced but your body will burn fat in the right places because of the use of the hCG hormone. Your progress is monitored weekly by our doctor to assure you stay in good health and you’re feeling your best.

What about my safety?

When a woman becomes pregnant large amounts of hCG are present in the body and there are no side effects. We only use a small amount of hCG while you are on our weight-loss program compared to the amount that occurs naturally in a pregnant woman. The only time you should not use hCG is if you’re experiencing puberty, have an allergy to the hCG, or have any cancer that is hormone related. If any of these relate to you then you should not use this weight-loss program and try one of our others.

Pregnant women don’t lose weight, but they have hCG in their bodies?

hCG protects the woman who is pregnant by burning body fat if she goes into starvation mode due to lack of food or poor economic conditions. When there is a decrease in food intake than hCG goes to work keeping the baby nourished in times of starvation. This is especially important when the woman does not know that she is pregnant. Thankfully most women do not have to experience these conditions while pregnant and that’s why you see no weight-loss. Usually a woman gains weight in proportion to the baby’s growth inside of her.

Will hCG weight-loss programs cause my metabolism to slow down?

No, because hCG burns the body’s excess fat for energy which keeps our metabolism from slowing down. The reason metabolism slows down during a low calorie diet is because the body goes into starvation mode and hCG prevents this. Since hCG burns fat your body will not store fat, which in turn causes you to lose weight successfully without feeling fatigued.

Can I lose the same amount of weight if I don’t use hCG?

If hCG is not used during a low calorie diet the body tends to store fat as a safety measure. This happens because the body goes into starvation mode and is trying to protect itself. A low calorie diet often leads to this happening because the body thinks that it is in danger because of lack of food. When you use hCG along with a low calorie diet, this does not happen because the hCG burns the excess fat and uses it for energy. Also, your body does not go into starvation mode. Another positive effect of hCG in a weight-loss program is the fact that when you return to our normal diet your body will not store excess fat like it would if you have not used to hCG in your diet program.

Will I feel hungry during a hCG weight-loss program?

This varies with each person some feel hungry, some do not. Since hCG burns fat as energy, this in conjunction with the low calorie diet ensures that your body’s needs are met. In most cases people feel less hungry than they would on a typical weight-loss program. When a body feels hungry, this is due to the fact that it needs energy. Your body does receive the energy it needs during a hCG weight-loss program therefore you should not feel too uncomfortable while losing weight.

Will a hCG weight-loss program deplete vitamins or minerals in my body?

The fat cells in your body are full of nutrients and that’s why they are used for reserve energy. Even though you are on a low calorie diet, and only for a short time, your body is burning fat cells daily. This burning of fat cells releases vitamins and minerals back into the body which ensures you get the nutrients you need.

Can hCG interfere with any medication I may be taking?

HCG does not interfere with any medication of any kind and there are no side effects.

Can my menstrual cycle change while I’m on hCG weight-loss program?

There should be no change to a woman’s menstrual cycle because we only use a small amount of hCG while participating in our weight-loss program. Also, it will not increase any chances of becoming pregnant while taking the hormone or in any way effect your ability to become pregnant. Though hCG is a protective measure for pregnant women, this diet program is not for women who want to become pregnant or who are pregnant due to the low calorie diet.

Why is hCG being called the weight loss cure?

People call hCG the weight loss cure because after participating in hCG weight-loss, the body is reprogrammed to burn stored fat as energy. This change in the body helps you keep the weight off instead of what happens to most people after they finished their diet program. When hCG is used with a low calorie diet it helps put an end to yo-yo dieting most people experience and therefore it has been called the weight loss cure.

How much weight can I lose on hCG weight-loss program?

You can lose up to 25 pounds on our three week program. The amount of weight lost varies by individual. The heavier person will lose more weight faster than the person closer to their ideal weight. On average we find people will usually lose about a pound a day if they are heavier and about 1/2 pound a day if they are near their ideal weight.

Will my weight-loss slow down after a month?

In the beginning you should lose a relatively large amount of weight and then you should see your weight-loss plateau. Keep in mind that this does not mean you stopped losing weight, it just means you’re losing weight slower. There are patients that opt to do a second program after the first is completed. While on the second program the same thing happens, they lose more weight again at the beginning and then their weight loss begins to slow down again.

Is hCG available for men to use to?

Certainly hCG can be used on men as long as they are in good health. HCG is not a sex hormone and its reactions are the same in women, men, or children. hCG works through an indirect brain path, and though it regulates menstruation and helps with conception it will never virilize a woman or cause femininity and a man.

Why do I need a blood test before the program?

We want to assure your safety and assess your health before our hCG weight-loss program begins. Certain medical conditions such as liver disease, diabetes, thyroid problems, or hormone dependent cancers can cause negative effects and we want to be sure they are not present. Our blood test includes a Complete Blood Count (CBC), and Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP), and Thyroid blood work (TSH and total T4).

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