Personalized Weight-loss Programs

Weight-loss ConsultNot everybody’s the same, that’s why we offer many weight-loss programs. Come into our office and discuss with our physician which one may be right for you.

  • Traditional – weight loss suppressants vitamin injections, and amino acids. We use methionine which speeds up the removal of fat in the liver by neutralizing toxins. Choline is a member of the vitamin B family which redistributes that throughout the body via emulsification. Also, we offer the more known vitamin B injections.
  • hCG weight-loss programs – hCG is a natural hormone used to assist in weight loss. hCG occurs in the body of the pregnant woman to help support our baby in its early stages of growth. While participating in this weight-loss program this hormone’s function is to stimulate the body to burn extra fat. We only use a very small amount of hCG during this program, much less than the amount of hCG that occurs naturally during pregnancy. HCG assists in the burning of fat during your low calorie diet so you lose fat instead of storing it in your body.
  • VelaShape™ Cellulite Treatment – for that stubborn little roll belly fat that seems so hard to get rid of we had VelaShape™ treatments which are performed right here in our office. VelaShape™ leaves the skin feeling smoother and tighter through the use of infrared light which heats up tissues, radio frequency, and a gentle vacuum which massages the area treated. This leads to gradual improvement of cellulite and excess body fat. VelaShape™ helps you out and hang a smoother, sexier figure.

We would be very happy to assist you in any of the weight-loss programs we offer. Call for a no-cost evaluation.

We also offer the ancient art of Ayurveda and if you choose, we can apply it to your weight loss program. Ayurveda was developed over 6000 years ago in India to strengthen the body’s healing abilities by creating natural balance within oneself. This program relies on a healthy diet, a diagnosis of your body type, and the plan that removes toxins from your body.

Clearwater Aesthetic Medicine was formed to help people look and feel their best. We provide complete care, not only for skin, but also well being. We also focus on nutritional health, exercise, lifestyle, and how to maintain a healthy and vibrant life. Our programs are individualized for each of our clients to suit their best needs. All our treatments are safe and non-evasive, plus there is no down time. And most important of all, everything is physician supervised.