We are here to help assist you in losing those undesirable pounds and help you achieve the body shape you desire.

Weight-loss Protocol

Please note, this is a medical weight-loss program that has been proven to work if strictly followed.

  1. WEEKLY EVALUATIONS – While on our weight-loss program patients agree to weekly evaluations….and this is required. During these evaluations the patient is seen by our doctor on staff who then plots your course of success or failure. Our staff have the knowledge and education to make sure you are in good health and meet your desired goals while on our weight-loss program. These evaluations are required because we find this to be the main ingredient to your success in losing weight and obtaining that perfect figure. Even if you are a traveler,  we will still be available to assist you in keeping to the weekly protocol.
  2. TAKE MEDICATIONS AS PRESCRIBED – To assure that you lose weight as desired, you will need to follow any guidelines that pertain to the medication that is prescribed during your visits. This will ensure success and is highly recommended. Your weight loss success can be limited if you choose not to take the medication as prescribed and should only be changed after consulting with our doctor. Please stop all use of over-the-counter items used for losing weight, because they should not be combined with the medication we prescribe during our weight-loss program. Please let us know if you’re on any other medications during your initial visit and follow-up visits. Our medication is safe, but we want to assure your health and safety while prescribing medications to you.

Never share medications with others. Although our medications are safe, they can be extremely dangerous if certain medical conditions are present. Anybody using these medications should be seen by a doctor prior to their use.

All you have to do is follow our simple instructions and you’ll begin to see what success feels like during your weight loss program. We want to see you lose the weight you want and stay safe and healthy while you follow our programs. Please feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have and will be happy to inform you further. Keep in mind that our weight-loss program is not covered by any insurance and all services must be paid for in advance.

Clearwater Aesthetic Medicine was formed to help people look and feel their best. We provide complete care, not only for skin, but also well being. We also focus on nutritional health, exercise, lifestyle, and how to maintain a healthy and vibrant life. Our programs are individualized for each of our clients to suit their best needs. All our treatments are safe and non-evasive, plus there is no down time. And most important of all, everything is physician supervised.